1. Cat looking through a screen door

    The story behind Edmonton’s best window screen fixing company 

    The Humble Beginnings of Edmonton’s Best Window Screen Fixing Company  Although Screen Savers Plus has grown to become Edmonton’s best window screen fixing and screen door company, this company actually had very humble beginnings. Today, we’re going to take you through the journey that Screen…Read More

  2. Retractable Screen Doors Costco

    Retractable screen doors have always been one of our main screen specialties here at Screen Savers Plus. These incredible screen doors are full coverage screens that allow homeowners to bring in additional airflow throughout their homes while keeping the unwanted bugs out.  Recently, our team has s…Read More

  3. Best retractable screen doors

    Quality Retractable Screen Doors Every homeowner wants to ensure that they are selecting quality products and services when it comes to completing home improvement projects. So it’s no surprise that when searching for a screen solution that they come to our team at Screen Savers Plus! Our team of …Read More

  4. How Long Do Retractable Screen Doors Last?

    Our team at Screen Savers Edmonton is excited for the warmer weather that we’ve been experiencing in the Capital Region this January! We are starting to receive a lot of calls for our Screen Doors Edmonton Services, Window Screen Repair Edmonton services, Window Screen Replacement Edmonton Service…Read More

  5. What Are The Advantages of Retractable Screen Doors?

    Every year we have residents in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, and other surrounding locations inquire to our team of screen experts about our various screen services. One of our most popular screen solutions here at Screen Savers Plus in Edmonton is our…Read More

  6. Why Should I Choose Screen Savers Plus?

    Why should you choose Screen Savers Plus in Edmonton as your window screen and screen door company of choice? Because we are a small local business that provides in-shop and on-site service in the capital region, we have won the Consumers Choice Award multiple times in the Screen Windows and Doors c…Read More

  7. Screen Savers Plus Window and Door Screen Repairs

    Screen repair is a service that our team at Screen Savers Plus is proud to provide all year round! When it comes to window screen builds, our team of screen experts are able to custom build your screen to the exact style and size that you require. The type of service that your screens requires depen…Read More

  8. Window Screen Repair and Replacement | Screen Savers Plus

    Window screens can often experience accidents throughout their lifetime. Whether it is falling out the window, becoming bent and crooked, or having the neighbors cat slice the mesh trying to get in, accidents can and will happen. But no need to worry! Our team of Screen Experts is here to help. Scre…Read More

  9. Security Screen Doors: A Few Things to Know about How They Work

    Most people buy and install a screen door to enjoy the outside air while keeping the bugs out. But Wizard takes it a step further – a few steps further, really. Not only do our security screen doors keep out the insects, but it keeps out the bad guys as well. That’s right – these doors add a s…Read More