Image of a whole in a screenHave you taken a close look at your window screens lately? Are they looking a little beat up? Screens get worn-out over time. A damaged screen can stand out and make your home look ragged.

When the screens on your windows and doors start to look beat up, Screen Savers Plus of Edmonton makes them look like new again. We have extensive experience and ability to repair or replace screen doors and windows. We cover every aspect of screen repair, including measuring the dimensions and installation. We work hard to create a positive installation experience for each of our customers. Our goal is to complete every job in as little as one visit, saving you money on call-out charges.

Image of a screen being built

Services we offer:

  • Repairing storm doors
  • Customizing sliding patio screens
  • Rebuilding screens that are bent or warped
  • Replacing missing screens
  • Re-screening torn or ripped screens

We offer more services beyond this comprehensive list. Call us today to learn more.

Image of an extruded frame

Extensive range of products:

  • Extruded screen frames offer maximum durability and strength
  • Standard fiberglass mesh or pet proof mesh
  • Expanding black foam spline to keep mesh in place on the frame

Mesh Options

Standard Mesh

  • PVC coated fiberglass is partially transparent and designed for improved strength and durability
  • Stronger materials for longer-lasting screens

Image of different mesh optionsNo-see-um Mesh

  • Small, tightly woven design prevents tiny insects from passing through the screen

Pet Mesh

  • Damage resistant
  • Made of vinyl coated polyester

Solar Mesh

  • Double use as a screen and a sunshade
  • Dual purpose fabric offers insect, heat, and sun glare protection

Pollen Mesh

  • Prevents dust, pollen, and bugs from getting through but still allows a cool breeze
  • Ideal for anyone with allergies

Screen Savers Plus offers the best screen products and screen repair in Edmonton.