Many people believe a screen is a screen. However, that is just not the case. Below, we’ll dive into some of the differences of screens, so that when you call us for replacement screens, screen patches, or rescreening of your windows, you’ll have some idea of your screen mesh options:Image of different mesh options

  • Standard Mesh. Standard mesh is usually PVC coated fiberglass that is partially transparent and designed for improved strength and durability. In general, the stronger the material, the longer your screens will last.
  • No-See-Um Mesh. Our No-See-Um Mesh is incredibly small and a tightly woven design that helps to prevent tiny insects from passing through the screen. These are commonly seen on patios.
  • Pet Mesh. More designed to keep your small pets in versus keeping any critters at bay, pet mesh is more resistant to damage and is made of vinyl coated polyester for durability and strength.
  • Solar Mesh. Designed to help block out harmful UV rays, solar mesh often doubles as a screen and a sunshade, a powerful combination to say the least. Sporting dual purpose fabric, solar mesh offers insect, heat, and sun glare protection.
  • Pollen Mesh. Pollen mesh prevents dust, pollen, and bugs from getting through, but still allows a cool breeze. These are designed with those who suffer from allergies in mind.
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