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Max Facts: Celebrating 1-Year Anniversary in Calgary South!

Celebratory dance at the ready!! 

The 15th day of this month marks a momentous occasion as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Max taking the reins as the proud owner of the Screen Saver Plus franchise in Calgary South. To commemorate this milestone, we proudly present to you Screen Savers Spotlight: Special Edition – Max Facts! Get ready to uncover 10 intriguing pieces of information that unlock the enigmatic world of your screen saver, Max. These riveting revelations offer a glimpse into the dynamic and captivating persona behind the ‘screens’!

[Gong strikes] 

1. Max the Multitalented:

Beyond being just a screensaver, Max boasts the impressive accomplishment of being a skilled business professional. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing under his belt, Max embarked on his journey into the professional world. But hold on, that’s not all there is to him! Did you know that Max is also a certified Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)? Yes, you heard that right! He pursued and earned a diploma in this field as well. Max’s journey underscores the idea that pursuing your passions can lead you to excel in diverse domains.

2. Max the Career Enthusiast

Just like all those really impressive folks in history, Max kicked off his business journey when he was just 12. Back then, he proudly rocked the gig of a door-to-door flyer delivery champ. As he got a bit older – around 14 – Max took on the McDonald’s challenge, totally owning every position like a boss.

3. Max the Handy Trailblazer

Ah, Max finds immense joy in a career where hands-on work harmoniously intertwines with pleasant customer interactions within their homes. To Max, it’s akin to embodying both a professional troubleshooter and an amiable neighbor, seamlessly merged into one persona.

One of the most captivating facets of this profession, according to Max, lies in its sheer diversity. From Max’s perspective, this role is akin to a fusion of MacGyver’s resourcefulness and Dr. Phil’s insightfulness, creating an all-encompassing persona of a capable and versatile hero. Max firmly believes that the allure of this dynamic career far surpasses the mundanity of a desk job. The excitement, engagement, and constant developmental edge make it an enticing path—one where Max, a multi-talented individual, can stride forward confidently, conquering homes one screen at a time.

4. Max the Seafarer:

One of Max’s most cherished workplace memories takes us on an adventurous journey back in time, to the Haida Gwaii Islands. For two consecutive summers, he worked as a deckhand on the M.V. Driftwood, a floating home and workplace all rolled into one. This maritime escapade wasn’t just a job; it was a transformative journey that intertwined Max’s life with the boundless ocean. From witnessing mesmerizing oceanic wonders to forging connections that would withstand the test of time, these two summers left an indelible mark on Max’s life story. Now, take a sneak peek below into the captivating world of ‘Max the Seafarer’!

Max and the M.V. Driftwood
Max and the fish

5. Max the Enigmatic Achiever

While Max remains coy about his proudest accomplishment, we’re certain it holds great significance and is well worth the wait. His enigmatic statement, ‘Stay tuned…’ offers a tantalizing glimpse into a story that’s yet to unfold. Although the full details remain veiled for now, it’s unmistakable that Max is embarking on a journey or endeavor that brims with achievement and meaning. We eagerly await the moment when this well-kept secret will be revealed, and we can join in celebrating his remarkable achievement!

6. Max the Reflective Voyager

Max wonders what his younger self would be most impressed by when meeting the adult version of himself. Maybe it’s a question we can all ask ourselves, reflecting on the growth and progress we’ve made over the years.

7. Max the Adventurous Dreamer

If by some magical twist of fate, Max stumbled upon Aladdin’s lamp and was granted the power to trade places with anyone for a week, his choice would be none other than Mohammed bin Salman (MBS). Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to experience life as a powerful Saudi Arabian prince for a week? Who knows what adventures await in the shoes of Mohammed bin Salman? Just remember to bring back some souvenirs for us mere mortals when you return!

8. Max the Hydration Maverick

When it comes to the most helpful possession in Max’s life, it is none other than his trusty Hydro Flask. We get it! When Max is on his battle van saving screens from home to home, it is crucial to stay hydrated and eco-friendly at all times. Cheers to the ice-cold H2O in the summer and warm coffee in the winter!

9. Max’s Warning Sign:

If you were to stumble upon Max and find a warning label, it would boldly proclaim: ‘Caution: This individual is audibly vocal about expressing their thoughts, even in scenarios where propriety might suggest otherwise. Be prepared for unreserved conversations and unfiltered viewpoints.’ So, if you engage in discourse with Max, be ready for a dynamic exchange that could inspire, intrigue, and perhaps amuse you.

10. Max the Culinary Wizard

Last but certainly not least, Max has a hidden talent that will leave you drooling. He is a master of the culinary arts and can whip up an impressive and delicious meal that will make your taste buds dance with delight. We’re all secretly hoping for a Max-hosted dinner party soon!

Max has recently joined the BNI-Excellence Chapter!

There you have it, folks—Max Facts that reveal a dynamic, multi-talented, and passionate individual who keeps us on our toes with his surprises. From his diverse skill set to his unwavering enthusiasm, there’s no doubt that Max’s journey is one worth following and celebrating. Who knows what other exciting chapters await in the book of ‘Max’s Adventures?’

And if you happen to be located in Calgary South and are looking for premium screen solutions, Max has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for screen repair, window screens, or retractable screen doors, Max will be able to come to your home and get you all fixed up. To learn more about all of the screen services that Max offers, check out our services page

With Max’s help, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breeze during the summer without dealing with the hassle of bugs in your home. Give us a call at 403-697-6338 today to get started with your screen services!

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