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Welcome to our retractable screen door frequently asked questions blog! As we’ve started really getting into our screen season after a cold, snowy, rainy spring, we’ve started to hear many questions from our customers about retractable screen doors. We’ve been hearing lots of questions about the installation, the door itself, and how it works in different homes. 

So, today, we thought we’d answer them all for you. This way, you’ll be able to get the information that you need about our retractable screen doors before even picking up the phone! 

1. Does the retractable screen door have a warranty?

The Mirage retractable screen doors that we supply and install for our customers come with limited lifetime warranties

2. Can the retractable screen door be cleaned and maintained easily?

Our retractable screens are highly serviceable. When in doubt, we offer service call visits where a technician will come on out, assess your screen, and offer maintenance service. Maintenance calls are provided in order to maintain the integrity of your screen and extend the longevity of it! Call our Customer Success Team for availability and pricing.

You can also clean the mesh with a small handheld vacuum cleaner to rid any dust that may have accumulated. For the tracks, sweeping out any debris that might have settled inside or using compressed air will help keep the tracks smooth and extend the life of the mesh. You can then use a dry, silicone lubricant, available for sale from your installation technician, to lubricate the track. You’ll want to avoid using wet lubricants.

retractable screen door on front door3. How long does installation take?

Installation of a retractable screen door will typically take between 45 minutes and an hour in total. Our highly trained technicians have the installation down to a science so they’ll be able to get it installed quite quickly for you. After the installation, they’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have before they head to their next appointment. 

4. What does the installation process look like? 

Check out this great video that Tyler Scott, our Calgary Franchise Owner, created! He takes you through the installation process from start to finish with quick clips throughout. 

Retractable Screen Door Installation

5. Do you do on-site estimates prior to installation?

Our Customer Success Team can actually get all of the information that they need from you about your retractable screen door installation over the phone! This way, the process can be much more efficient and simple. Rather than having to come to your home, we can simply chat with you on the phone for a few minutes and then we’ll book your installation appointment. 

6. Can I customize my retractable screen door?

Absolutely! Our retractable screen doors are actually highly customizable. From the mesh to the colour to the door type and size, we can truly make the retractable screen door your own. If you want to read all about our customization options, check out our blog post, The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Retractable Screen Door.

retractable screen door on French door
Check out this retractable screen door on a French doorway!

7. Can I get a retractable screen door for my oversized door? Or for my French doors? Or for my sliding glass door? 

Yes, we can definitely do that for you. We can install our retractable screen doors on: 

  • French doors
  • Double doors
  • Single entry in-swing and out-swing doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Oversized doors of up to 64” wide and 108” high

If you have any specific questions about your door size or type, feel free to chat with our team about them.

8. Do I need to be home for the installation?

Someone over the age of 18 will need to be at home or on-site for the installation because our screen technicians will need to access the inside of your door for a short period of time. If you’re curious about what this will look like, feel free to watch the video that we linked in question 4 to see what the technician will need from your doorframe. 

9. Can I earn Air Miles on my retractable screen door purchase?

Yes! We do offer Air Miles for any purchase made through Screen Savers Plus. When you chat with our Customer Success Team about purchasing and getting your retractable screen door installed, make sure to give them your Air Miles number so that they can get you those points!

Air Miles logo with retractable screen door
Earn Air Miles with your purchase!

10. Are my pets going to rip through the screen?

This is one of the most common questions that we get about our retractable screen doors. We totally get it – the furry friends are very important to keep in mind while purchasing a screen door of any kind. 

We actually provide a PetMesh (aka TuffScreen) that is much more sturdy and is designed to maintain its integrity even with little furry friends around. The mesh itself is stronger and is made of scratch-resistant, vinyl coated polyester. 

So, although a highly motivated, massive Great Dane may be able to rip through your screen, normal day-to-day activities of furry friends should not cause any ripping to your door. 

11. How much is the retractable screen door?

Retractable screen doors start at $499.99. Specific upgrades for colour, mesh, and size will be at additional cost. Our Customer Success Team would be more than happy to provide you with a detailed, personalized estimate for your exact price over the phone. Just give us a call! 

12. Is the retractable screen door functional for a high-traffic doorway?

Absolutely it is! The PivotPro Handle that comes standard on each of the retractable screen doors that we install makes for peak functionality. This handle is made with a magnet latching system that easily attaches. A simple turn of the handle releases it, allowing you to easily guide the screen across the door opening.

No matter how many snacks or pool toys or beach bags you’re carrying in and out of your door, this retractable screen door still offers a high level of functionality. 

PivotPro Handle on retractable screen door
PivotPro Handle

13. I have cam locks on my door. Can I still have a retractable screen installed?

Cam locks can be tricky. Our Customer Success Team will work with you to determine the best way to install a retractable screen door so that you, too, can Bring In The Breeze!

14. Can the retractable screen door stay outside during the winter months? 

You can keep your retractable screen right where it was installed for the entire winter. As a Canadian-built product, the screen is made for those icy cold winters. Once the warm sun starts melting the snow and the spring air makes its way in, follow the simple cleaning steps that we shared in question 2 to get it ready for the summer. 

If you have any other burning questions regarding retractable screen doors, our Customer Success Team would be more than happy to chat with you. Give us a call at 780-910-6688

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