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Retractable Screen Doors

Keep The Fresh Air In & The Bugs Out

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Interested In Retractable Screen Doors?

Wizard retractable screen doors allow fresh air in while keeping bugs out, allowing you to still pass through your entrance easily. Our screens make storm doors unnecessary because the screen keeps the dust and bugs out. Wizard screen doors are designed to look nice with the design of your home.

The discreet and self-protecting case looks good on any door because of their sophisticated frame design. It will look good for any kind of door from French doors to sliding glass doors.

Standard Features

  • Available in eight standard colors
  • Six faux wood finishes
  • High grade stainless steel fasteners
  • Reinforced pull-bar caps for sturdiness
  • Color matching plugs for housing and handles
  • Easy-push handle design
  • Smooth glide rails for easy opening and closing
  • Nylon parts are UV protected
  • Housing end caps are sealed to protect internal mechanisms
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all parts

Optional Extras

  • Aluminum housing with faux woodgrain finish
  • Speed reducing gear design to prevent slamming
  • Mesh “claw proof” pet screens
  • Custom color matching kits for French doors
  • Extra-large, height and width sizing available
  • Flush mount handles

Why Choose Screen Savers Plus For Retractable Screen Door Services In Edmonton

Benefits Of Wizard Retractable Screen Doors

  • Fits a variety of openings, including single and double-point entry doors, garage doors, French doors, and sliding patio doors.
  • Precise manufacturing standards for superior quality in every productImage of window handles
  • Incredible durability
  • Controls insects and dirt with preventative design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Cost effective
  • Safe storage enclosure when not in use
  • Maximum ventilation
  • High visibility to enjoy the view and prevent accidents
  • All parts and screen mesh come with a lifetime warranty
  • Built to withstand year-round use

  • Wizard screens are built to industry standards. The company's detailed guidelines are followed carefully to produce only high quality products. Our 20,000 square foot facility has top-of-the-line technology. We produce consistent, high-efficiency, market-leading products and offer them to you at low prices. Essentially, Wizard Industries is focused on the total satisfaction of their customers. We are proud of our quality services and deliver those services with pride.

Health & Safety

  • Pet proof design
  • Speed reducing design protects children and pets from getting caught in the screen

Wizard Construction

Every Wizard retractable window and door screen is built using commercial grade, powder-coated aluminum for greatest quality and durability. Our high-tech design allows for top visibility and ventilation with lightweight, durable, UV protected nylon materials. Wizard Industries of Edmonton takes pride in fitting your home with the best retractable screen doors. These screen doors are undoubtedly the best in the industry.

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If you are looking for retractable screen door installation services in the Edmonton area, we can help! Call our team at Screen Savers Plus to have our certified technicians install retractable screen doors on your home.

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