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How to Repair Window Screens: 6 Simple Methods

Picture this: it’s mid-June, the sun is shining, and you’re experiencing the first +25 degree day of the summer. Dreamy, right?! Totally! Until… you hear the far-too-familiar buzz of a mosquito inside your home. You run to your window to check how this little bug got in and, low and behold, there’s a tear in your window screen. 

That means it’s time to repair your window screens! But how?! 

Today, we’ll take you through six simple methods to repair your window screens and when each one is your best choice. We’ll go through a few of the best ways to fix the mesh itself and then we’ll chat about fixing a broken window screen frame. Let’s jump right in! 

Fixing the Mesh

Ripped or torn screens are actually super common. They’re also incredibly annoying! You shouldn’t have to deal with bugs coming into your space just because you want some fresh air during the warmer months. 

Mesh is often fragile because it is thin enough to let in the breeze but tight enough to keep the bugs in. This means that many types of mesh can rip pretty easily. When it comes to fixing mesh, there are four main methods that we’d recommend. 4

man replacing a window screen
Rescreening a window screen is a great option.

1. Rescreening your window screens.

One of the best options for fixing your window screens is rescreening them entirely. This will not only fix the rip or tear itself but will also give you an entirely fresh start with your screen. Over time, the mesh in screens can become more prone to tearing. By rescreening your window screen completely, you’ll add many years back onto its lifespan. 

Rescreening your window can be fairly time consuming and does require precision to complete properly. 

Here are the 7 steps to follow when rescreening your window screen: 

  1. Take out the ripped screen using a screen driver to pry it out from the edges of the frame
  2. Stretch the new mesh roll across the frame of the screen (not too tight)
  3. Cut the new screen slightly larger than the frame itself
  4. Use a spline roller to secure the edges of the mesh and the spline into the divot
  5. Cut away the extra mesh that is left over
  6. Re-install the rescreened window screen into the window
  7. Enjoy!

Want to watch a rescreen? Check out our recent Instagram video here: 

2. Repair your window screens with screen repair patches.

Screen repair patches or stickers are a very cheap, quick fix for ripped or torn window screens. Rather than fixing the entire screen (like the rescreening option above), screen repair patches are a way to just patch up a hole in your screen. 

These patches can be found at any local home hardware store and are very easy and inexpensive to use but definitely take time and focus. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Lay your screen down on a flat surface so that it is supported
  2. Cut off the sharp edges/smooth out the parts of the rip/tear that stick out
  3. Warm up the adhesive on your screen patch/sticker with a hair dryer or heat gun (if necessary)
  4. Stick the screen repair sticker onto the screen surrounding the tear and firmly push down on the adhesive
  5. Voila – no more bugs coming through the tear
Screen repair patch on a ripped screen
Screen repair patches are great for larger holes or rips.

3. Use screen repair tape to repair your window screens.

Screen repair tape is also a good option for repairing your window screens. Screen repair tape is best used on smaller rips or tears, specifically if they are in a fairly straight line. While screen repair patches can cover small holes or wider rips, longer tears are covered nicely by screen repair tape. 

Screen repair tape is incredibly easy to apply and use. Again, fixing your screens by covering the existing tears/rips won’t look as good as replacing it entirely, however, it can keep the bugs out for the time being! 

  1. Stretch the screen repair tape the length of the tear or rip
  2. Stick it down!

See? We weren’t kidding when we said quick and easy. 

4. Call the professional screen technicians at Screen Savers Plus to do it for you.

So you’ve considered the three options above for fixing your window screen and… you’re not convinced they’re for you. They require time, skills, tools, and expertise that you don’t have and you don’t have the time to get! 

That’s where our team of professional screen technicians comes in. Our team provides you with time by taking care of your necessary screen fixes. 

With experience, Screen School (yup, that’s our training program), and screen knowledge under their belts, our screen technicians can take care of fixing all of your window screens in no time. Our team will rescreen your ripped screens for you, leaving you with a brand new screen each time. 

Fixing the Window Screen Frame

Although broken or bent window screen frames are less common, they can be equally as frustrating as ripped screens. Window screen frames that are bent or broken can result in bugs and possibly other little critters finding their way into your home. 

There are a few main options when it comes to fixing the frame of your window screen. They are as follows:

man holding window screen with bent frame
Bent window screen frames can let in bugs, too!

1. Rebuild the frame of the window screen.

If you’re dealing with a window screen frame that’s bashed up, rusting, or broken on each side and basically ready for the dumpster, this one’s for you. Rebuilding the frame of the window screen entirely is probably the way to go in this case. 

The pieces of the frame can typically be found at your local hardware store. They also go together fairly easily! 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Purchase the frame sides, top, bottom, and corner pieces
  2. Measure and cut these according to the size of the window that the screen is for
  3. Attach the corner pieces and side pieces using a rubber mallet
  4. Use the same rescreening technique described above with either the old screen or new mesh
  5. Insert the new window screen into your window frame

2. Fix a broken window screen frame.

If only one or some of the pieces of your window screen frame are broken, you can simply replace one section of the frame. You can even reuse the screen itself after replacing the broken or bent part of the frame. 

The simple steps are:

  1. Remove the mesh from the broken frame
  2. Purchase a new piece of frame
  3. Measure and mark how long you need the piece of frame to be
  4. Cut the frame piece to the desired length using a hacksaw
  5. Reconnect the frame to the corners using a rubber mallet
  6. Replace the screen back into the channel using the spline and spline roller
three window screens laying on a table
Window screens are our specialty!

Reminder: Call the professional screen technicians at Screen Savers Plus and we’ll do it for you.

Just another reminder – if you’re not super keen on repairing your window screen frame yourself, our team would be more than happy to do it for you. We’ll save you time, effort, and frustration and will get your window screens fixed in no time. 

Call our team to get started on repairing your screens today! 

Calgary – 403-697-6338 

Edmonton – 780-910-6688

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