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Storm Door vs. Retractable Screen Door: Which One Do You Need?

You’re not alone! Many of our customers come to us with the same confusion about storm door and retractable screen door. And that leads to why we are providing you with this comprehensive comparison between the two products, not just to help you with how to identify them, but also how to choose the right one for your home.

In this article below, we will dive into the specifics of each type—their features, benefits, and best uses. After reading this article, you would have a pretty good idea of which kind of door fits your needs more; whether you are looking for seamless integration that complements your home aesthetics or sturdy protection against unpredictable weather.

So, let’s clear up the confusion and find the perfect door for your lifestyle!

Retractable screen doors have become a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Storm Doors: These doors offer a robust and sturdy appearance that can significantly enhance the front of a home. They are available in various styles such as full-view, mid-view, and high-view, each designed to complement the existing entry door while providing functional benefits like protection and insulation.

Retractable Screen Doors: If you’re all about that clean, neat, uncluttered vibe, retractable screen doors will be your top choice. When not in use, they will just be out of your sight— even when they are in use, thanks to the super fine mesh, they’re nearly invisible (pretty neat, right?).

This design is ideal for homeowners who prefer to maintain the aesthetic integrity of their doorways without the visual bulkiness of a traditional storm door. During winter, or when you don’t need the ventilation, the mesh just conveniently retracts back into its side cassette, which is simplicity itself. This way, you have your original door back, completely bulk-free.

Ventilation and Airflow Control

Storm Doors: The design of a storm door allows you to easily swap between glass and screen panels. In the cooler months, you can install glass panels to retain warmth and block out the cold. As the weather warms up, the choice of swapping in screen panels allows air to flow freely into your home, keeping it fresh and breezy. However, it’s important to note that changing these panels can be somewhat cumbersome and requires effort.

Retractable Screen Doors: a retractable screen door offers a complete “ventilated door” solution. Other than adding a source of ventilation to your regular entry door, back door, or garden door, this is particularly beneficial for households with doorways positioned to catch a cross breeze. A retractable screen door can facilitate an unobstructed cross-breeze and maximum ventilation effortlessly, without altering the original structure of your home. When not in use, the screen retracts into a small, discreet cassette at the side of your door frame, ensuring your views remain clear and uncluttered.

A retractable screen door installed on the front entrance.
This is a sample of a retractable screen door installed on the front entrance.

Protection and Weather Resistance

Storm Doors: These doors offer significant protection against adverse weather conditions. Their solid construction not only helps reduce drafts but also maintains interior temperatures, which can lead to energy savings. The tempered glass panels provide superior protection from rain, snow, and strong winds, ensuring your home stays warm and dry regardless of the weather outside.

Retractable Screen Doors: While these doors are effective at keeping insects out, they are not primarily designed for insulation or security. However, they are more resistant to wind and debris than traditional screen doors, making them suitable for moderate climates. Particularly during hot summer months, they are a great investment for reducing air conditioning costs.

Ease of Use and Functionality

Storm Door is a more permanent solutions that would require seasonal adjustments, such as swapping between glass and screen panels. These doors are heavier and generally require a sturdy frame for mounting. In layman’s terms, they are “bulkier.”

Retractable Screen Door generally features a user-friendly mechanism that allows for easy retraction of the screen when not in use. They are lighter and easier to operate, making them ideal for daily use.

Unlike storm doors, which are typically for the front entrance, a retractable screen door is applicable to any doorway.

Installation and Cost Considerations

Storm Doors: Installation can be complex and usually requires professional assistance to ensure proper alignment, which can prevent issues with closing and opening. This complexity often means that getting a storm door setup might be a bit more involved than other home improvements.

Retractable Screen Doors: These are generally easier and quicker to install, particularly when you choose a trustworthy provider like Screen Savers. We come directly to your doorstep and install a custom-made retractable screen door that’s perfectly suited for your doorway. Speaking from a broader perspective, retractable screen doors can be more cost-effective, as they eliminate the need for separate screen and storm door components.


Storm Doors: These doors often come with reinforced frames and locks for added security, making them a good choice for front entry doors where extra protection is a priority.

Retractable Screen Doors: While these doors can include locking features, their primary focus is on ease of use, aesthetics, and ventilation rather than robust security.

However, if you are particularly concerned about security, please visit our page on security screen doors. The military-grade stainless steel construction provides top-tier protection and ventilation for your home in these doors.

picture of a pet-friendly security screen door.
This is what a security screen door looks like: sturdy, pet-friendly, and maximum ventilation guaranteed!


For customers prioritizing aesthetics and wanting to keep their view unobstructed while still having the option of a screen, retractable screen doors are ideal. On the other hand, if you’re looking for robust protection, added security, and better insulation properties, storm doors are the recommended choice.

If you’ve decided that a retractable screen door is the right choice for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Screen Savers in Edmonton and Calgary. We’re here to get your door installed perfectly, ensuring it meets your aesthetic and functional needs. Reach out today!

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