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Window Screen Repair and Replacement | Screen Savers Plus

Window screens can often experience accidents throughout their lifetime. Whether it is falling out the window, becoming bent and crooked, or having the neighbors cat slice the mesh trying to get in, accidents can and will happen.

But no need to worry! Our team of Screen Experts is here to help. Screen Savers Plus has been in the Edmonton screen doors and windows industry for over a decade, helping to bring the beauty of the outdoors safely and comfortably indoors. Open your home for a breath of fresh air while protecting your family from insects.

When we are repairing window screens, there is two services that we can offer our clients.

  • Window Screen Re-Screening
  • Window Screen Re-Building

When we re-screen window screens, the frame of the screen is always in good condition. Here we will remove the existing mesh and replace it, along with the spline, to bring your window back to the full coverage screen it should always be!

When we re-build your window screens, this is because the frame of your screen is bent, crooked, or broken and we are unable to use the frame to re-screen. We follow a specific process when it comes to our re-build services:

First, our team of representatives will as what type of frame you have. There are three options for this:

  • Standard Window Frame
  • Flange Window Frame
  • Channeled Window Frame

See the following pictures to determine what kind of screen frame you have / need!

Next, we will ask you the approximate size of your window screen and the colour of the frame. From here our team will be able to provide you with a quote and schedule you an on-site appointment to get your new window screen built to the exact size that you need it.

Does your home or business require some window screen services this year? Contact our team today to get started!

Standard Window Screen Frame
Standard Window Screen Frame
Flange Window Screen Frame
Flange Window Screen Frame
Channeled Window Screen
Channeled Window Screen Frame