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Top Five Benefits of Sun Blocker Screens

When opening your window shades, does it come at a cost? Do you want to see out without worrying about strangers seeing in? Do you want to let in the natural light without the concerns of harmful rays and glare? Our Sun Blocker Screens are just the thing you need.

What are Sun Blocker Screens and how can they help you? Most residential windows have screens, which enable windows to be open without letting in the outside elements or bugs. Sun Blocker Screens are window screens that also provide the added advantage of blocking the sun’s harmful rays. But what are other benefits of these screens? Let’s take a look at the list of the top five benefits of Sun Blocker Screens below:

  1. Decreases air conditioning costs
    Sun Blocker Screens allow the natural light into your home while blocking many of the rays that will heat up your home through the greenhouse effect. This results in a reduced need for air conditioning, which means your home stays cooler while saving you money. But that doesn’t mean your home will be colder in the winter. During the colder months, Sun Blocker Screens will keep your home warm by insulating your windows from cold winter drafts. Our screens can result in a reduced monthly heating bill by up to 15%!
  2. Protects your home and family from UV rays
    Exposing your furniture, decorations, and floors to prolonged sunlight can cause subtle to significant fading over time. This can discourage many homeowners from ever drawing their curtains or opening their window shades. Sun Blocker Screens will allow the light from outside into your home, while blocking the UV rays from harming your walls, floors, or furniture. Sun Blocker Screens also provide protection to your family from these rays, allowing your loved ones to enjoy the natural light of the sun without the risk.
  3. Cuts down on unwanted glare
    Allowing sunlight into your home can bring unwanted glare making some indoor activities such as watching TV, using the computer, or even reading a book unbearable or even impossible. With Sun Blocker Screens, you’ll enjoy the sunlight without the annoying glare.
  4. Adds privacy to your windows
    Opening your windows means you get to enjoy the view of the outdoors from within your home. But it also means anyone outside can look into your home. With Sun Blocker Screens, you’ll enjoy increased privacy as our screens make it difficult for people to see in.