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Window Screen Repair

Here at Screen Savers Plus we don’t just offer quality products; we provide quality services as well. One of our more popular services is window screen repair.

If you’re a homeowner it’s not a question of if – but when – your window screens will need some attention. Obviously, it’s important to replace your window screens when they are ripped or torn. Not just because a torn screen makes your home look shabby, but because once bent or torn, a window screen fails to do its job of protecting your home from bugs and other pests.

But even if your screens are still in good structural shape, you might be surprised just how much dust and pollen can enter your home with a low quality screen. Most homes are built with builders’ quality screens, which saves your contractor some money, but can compromise the air quality in your home.

That’s why we specialize in not only repairing and replacing screens, but also improving them with higher quality material.

Here are just a few of the services we offer to keep your screens in tip-top shape:

  • Re-Screening ripped or torn screens
  • Re-Building screens that are missing, badly bent or warped
  • Storm Door repair
  • Custom built sliding patio screens

It’s important to note that we only use the highest quality products and materials in our work. In fact, we can even use a patented polymer screen with special “triboelectric” properties that completely filters out pollen and dust particles, preventing them from entering your home. When we repair or replace your screens, you can rest assured that you not only have the best screen possible on your home, but that you’ve made an excellent and affordable choice. So call us today to start improving your home and your quality of life!