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Property Managers and Window Screen Repair – a Few Thoughts to Consider

How are your window screens looking? Do they have holes in them? Let’s face it, screens can take a beating over time, and screen damage can stand out and make a poor impression. Worse, they can let in tiny pesky winged intruders that can make lunch out of your tenants. MOSQUITOS

As you are aware it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix screens and under the Alberta Health Standards Code it states that:

“During the portion of the year when there is a need for protection against flies and other flying insects, every window or other device intended for ventilation shall be supplied with effective screens.”

If you neglect the screens, any tenant who suffers a health problem or injury as a result could hold you legally responsible in a civil court.

Screen replacement can make a big difference

Broken, ripped and torn screens can make your apartment building look run down, discouraging potential tenants from signing a lease with you. Fixing the screens in your building will help your building to look clean, professional and well-maintained when would-be renters come calling, which means you’ll have the advantage in a competitive renters’ market.

Screen repair should be part of your In & Out Inspection Report

When conducting your initial walk through with your new tenant, make a point to note the window screens and their condition on report. This helps the tenant to see that you care about the details, but it also helps protect your investment.

If the screens are not in tip-top shape when it’s time to return their damage deposit, then you can charge for the repair work.

Screen replacement can be tricky

While screens look quite simple, all the different shapes, sizes and styles of windows mean that it can actually be quite tricky to get right.

When you do finally have the correct materials, and you have all the windows in the correct order, window screen measurements are also important. If you build your screens a bit too big, they wont fit. And if they’re a bit too small, you’ll have mosquitos sneaking in the side.

Screen repair should be painless

Screen Savers specializes in the replacement and repair of window and door screens. One thing that makes us unique is that we are completely mobile which means that you don’t need to measure or install, we do it all! Your tenants will love that we can do all the necessary repairs in one day so they don’t have to be without screens for any extended length of time.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Re-screening ripped or torn screens.
  • Re-building screens that are missing, badly bent, or warped.
  • Storm door repair and
  • Custom built sliding patio screens.

All of our materials are of the highest quality. They include:

  • Extruded (not rolled) screen framing for maximum strength and durability
  • Standard fiberglass mesh or optional pet-proof mesh.
  • Expanding black foam spline to ensure mesh stays attached to the frame.

Please note that we are fully insured, licensed and WCB compliant. It’s best to have a full-service screen repair. This way, you don’t need to measure and risk getting the wrong sized screen sent to you. You don’t even need to deliver the screen to a location. We will show up and look after everything in one visit – a perfect fit every time.