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Security Screen Doors: A Few Things to Know about How They Work

Most people buy and install a screen door to enjoy the outside air while keeping the bugs out. But Wizard takes it a step further – a few steps further, really. Not only do our security screen doors keep out the insects, but it keeps out the bad guys as well. That’s right – these doors add a serious element of security to your home in addition to the other benefits of a quality screen door. You’ll enjoy real peace of mind with a Wizard Security Screen door installed.

How can a screen door also serve as a security door? Well, it all starts with high quality elements and intelligent engineering. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Security Mesh
    On most screen doors, the mesh is the weakest point of the door from a security standpoint. The average screen door can be easily cut, torn, or pushed through. Not Wizard security screen doors. Our mesh is woven with high tensile marine grade stainless steel wire to keep your family safe. This mesh cannot be cut or ripped even with the sharpest knives or scissors. And don’t even try to push through this mesh – it’s not going anywhere. Our mesh has passed or exceeded industry knife shear testing, impact testing, and other security tests so we’re confident no one will get through this door unless you want them to.
  2. Aluminum Frame
    We could have easily cut costs on the frame, but for you and your family’s security we chose to use a high quality aluminum (grade 6063-T5), that is unparalleled in the screen door industry. This grade of aluminum has a tensile strength of up to 20,000 psi, and the process we go through to anchor the mesh to the frame has been especially designed to withstand significant impact. The combination means any potential intruder won’t have a chance at bending this frame, ripping the mesh from the frame, or pulling the door off its track.
  3. Handles, Locks, Hardware
    Even the strongest door in the world can easily be compromised if its lock, handle, or hardware are not designed with security measures in mind. Wizard doors use a “multi-point-lock” which employs smooth-action deadbolts in both the top and bottom lock cases. Plus, only the best security hardware is used to secure the handle and locks in the door, cutting intruders off in their tracks.

But security doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or function. Our door frames and mesh are available in multiple color options to complement your home. Also, Wizard security screen doors are available as single entry doors, double doors, and sliding doors. Finally, our security screen doors can be fabricated to nearly any size for your home or business.

Why not add the function, style, and security of a Wizard security screen door to your home? You’ll rest at ease knowing your family is safer.