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How Long Do Retractable Screen Doors Last?

Our team at Screen Savers Edmonton is excited for the warmer weather that we’ve been experiencing in the Capital Region this January! We are starting to receive a lot of calls for our Screen Doors Edmonton Services, Window Screen Repair Edmonton services, Window Screen Replacement Edmonton Services, and Security Screen Doors!

But did you know that one of our most popular screen solutions is our Retractable Screen Doors? There when you need them and gone when you don’t, these screens offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. It’s time to bring in the breeze but keep out the bugs with our team of screen experts at Screen Savers Plus!

We do receive a number of questions on our retractable screen doors including the following:

How long do Retractable Screen Doors Last? Can my Retractable Screen Door be repaired? How can I rescreen my Retractable Screen Door?

The answer to these questions is that it truly depends on the quality of the screen door that you buy! When you buy a Screen Savers Plus retractable screen door you can be assured that your door is custom built to the exact specifications of your doorway and that it’s got a complete seal. You can also expect premium aluminum housing, quality parts, and a variety of mesh options depending on your screen needs.

Because all of our retractable screen doors are custom built by a professionally trained installer, you can be assured that you’re getting one of the best screen doors on the market.

If taken good care of, Screen Savers Plus Retractable Screen Doors last for many years without requiring any major repairs or maintenance. However, if the mesh of your screen door does need addressing, our team of specialists are able to replace the mesh with our screen repair and replacement services! This is an advantage as most generic retractable screen doors are unable to be rescreened so if maintenance is required you often need to purchase an entire new door. 

Trust the experts and avoid the guesswork. Our team of representatives are able to go over the scope of your screen repair with you over the phone and set up the perfect team to resolve the issue. Contact our team today to bring in the breeze.