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Buying Local: Why “Made in Canada” Makes a Difference

Buying Local: Why “Made in Canada” Makes A Difference

When consumers approach a purchase choice, they have the chance to decide who is going to profit from their support. While many businesses outsource production abroad to cut costs, supporting local businesses that generate the majority of their product and services with materials and labor within Canada has plenty of benefits that should influence your buying choices.

Buying Canadian Means Buying Green

Canada is part of worldwide economy, and sometimes that can mean that the parts of a single product come from countries all over the word. For example, the frame of your new window might be made in Japan, while the locks may be fashioned in Germany. Even though outsourcing the production of parts to cheaper/less regulated parts of the world can save in overhead cost, shipping those products uses valuable fossil fuels as they are flown or driven from country to country.

Furthermore, factories and businesses in Canada must adhere to regulations that govern emissions, pollution, and quality. Buying products like security screens locally means conserving valuable natural resources, reducing pollution that threatens environmental health, and reducing the amount of products that end up in landfills due to poor quality control or hands-off management.

Buying Canadian Supports Local Business Growth

Possibly the most important effect of choosing products that are made in Canada is that supporting Canadian businesses can increase the strength of the economy—if not nationally, then at least on a smaller, community-centric scale. For instance, if a Canadian business like Screen Savers decides to source all of its products from Canadian industries, that same business then hires people in your town, serves people in your community, and continues to order more goods and services from other local businesses. This business pays taxes, funds schools, gives jobs, and creates the opportunity for other businesses to profit as the community grows in both population and wealth.

Buying Canadian Enforces Fair Labor Practices

Businesses that outsource to other countries are doing so mainly to glean profits from a lower working wage. Employment that normally would be given to local Canadians for a fair wage is given to international workers for a fraction of that cost. While not all companies who rely on foreign labor for manufacturing participate, this practice generally supports hiring men, women, and children in poverty.

When you buy Canadian, you are supporting Canadian labor laws that provide fair working conditions, wages, and protection for children. You are also refusing to support businesses that use unfair labor practices to get ahead.

Products like retractable security screens by Screen Savers that are made in Canada are a better consumer choice because this company offers the “made in Canada” advantage, allowing for excellent service, quality, and local economic growth.