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Retractable Screen Doors: What You Should Know Before Purchasing

A retractable screen door is an excellent upgrade to your home. They protect your home from the bugs while allowing in the fresh air of the outdoors. Wizard retractable screen doors are especially popular among homeowners because they are durable, safe, and attractive. But to get the most from your retractable screen door, it’s wise to do your homework first. Not all retractable screen door manufacturers focus on value and quality like Wizard does, so without knowing what to look for, you might wind up with a substandard product or a bad experience.

Here are a few key things to consider before purchasing a retractable screen door:

  1. Lifetime Warranty
    A retractable screen door manufacturer who is confident in their product will offer a lengthy warranty with broad coverage. You’ll want a decent warranty if you plan on getting the most value out of your door over time. Wizard offers a lifetime warranty on all parts, excluding the mesh screen. You won’t find a better warranty on a retractable screen door – it’s the best in the industry.
  2. Interchangeable Components
    We all know unexpected things can happen. Even the most durable retractable screen door can get damaged in the course of everyday living. You’ll want to make sure that your retractable screen door is comprised of interchangeable parts so that repairing the door is an easy task. With Wizard retractable screens, if a component breaks then you don’t need to buy a whole new screen – just call Screen Savers and they will just change the part out for you.
  3. Professional Installation
    While retractable screen doors are extremely easy to use, it’s best to leave the installation up to the pros. When shopping for your retractable screen door, be sure to check if professional installation is built into the price. If installation isn’t included, you’re left on your own to either find someone who happens to have experience with retractable screen doors, or learning to do it yourself. By purchasing a door with installation included, then you’re sure to get a qualified professional who is trained and already familiar with the product.
  4. Positive Peer Reviews
    Don’t just take the sales associate’s word – check peer reviews. Obviously, you’ll want a retractable screen door that has strong reviews by people just like you. They have no stake in the game; they’re not getting paid a commission, they are just simply enjoying (or not enjoying) their retractable screen door. A door with overwhelming positive reviews means the product works as advertised, is safe, and can be trusted to be an excellent product. Also, be sure to look for reviews on the installation of the door in addition to the quality of the door itself.