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Financing for Outdoor Screen Rooms: Buy Now Pay Later

So, you want to expand your outdoor space, stop dealing with notorious mosquitos, and bring in the breeze a bit more. But, you’re not quite sure if the upfront investment is particularly worth it for you right now. 

Look, we get it! We totally understand. Due to the current economic climate, it can be tough to decide if investing in screens for your property is worth it at the moment. Today, we want to help make that decision easier. 

First of all, we’re very proud to offer financing for our premium screen products and installation services. We wanted to provide you, our valued customers, with a way to buy your screens now and pay for them later. This simply means that we get to help more people to Bring in the Breeze! 

Due to the quality of the screen products that we provide, you can also rest assured that when you make the investment into premium screens, they will last you. 

Let’s dive right into it. 

retractable screen on garage doorway
You can finance a retractable screen for your garage!

Why Hiring a Professional Screen Company is Worth the Investment

Realistically, if you want mesh screens throughout your home, business, or outdoor space, you could do it yourself. You could head down to your local hardware store, purchase rolls of mesh, and either put it in window/door frames or maneuver it to work in your outdoor space. 

We’re more than happy to acknowledge that we offer some products and services that could technically be DIY’ed. Why, you might ask? Because of the unmatched longevity and quality that we offer. 

If you’re thinking of doing it yourself, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is the mesh high quality? Are there stronger mesh options for my home if it has animals and small children in it? 
  • Is the window screen or retractable screen door custom built to my property? 
  • Does the window screen or retractable screen door have a limited lifetime warranty? Will it last for me? 
  • Can I match the colour of the frame to the trim on my home so that it blends nicely? 
  • Does it have a subtle design so that it doesn’t stick out in a clunky way? 
  • Can I control my retractable screen with a remote? 

For the products that we offer here at Screen Savers Plus, we can answer yes to all of these questions. Can the screen that you DIY from the local hardware store answer yes to all of these questions? No. 

We don’t say any of this to bash local hardware stores or DIY’ing. Instead, we simply want to provide you with information you need to make an informed decision regarding your screens. 

outdoor screen room
Enjoy your Alberta summer with an outdoor screen room!

Why Investing in Premium Screens for Your Home is Worth It

So, why get a screen at all? 

There are a few main reasons. First of all, we live in Alberta. Realistically, we have about 2-3 months of nice, hot weather during the summer months and then it’s all over and we’re back to -30. How fun, right? 

As we’ve chatted about on the blog before, we have to make the most of our short summers. Rather than dealing with astronomical AC bills, itchy bug bites, and finding yourself indoors on even the nicest nights, investing in premium screens is the way to go

At Screen Savers Plus, we provide retractable screen doors, window screen repair and replacement, screen door repair and replacement, large opening screen doors, and motorized retractable screens that you can use to create outdoor screen rooms. 

Yup, that’s right – we’ve got all of your screen needs completely covered. 

Our screens come with warranties and we have mesh options available to ensure that your screen will last. Any of our premium screen solutions will help you to bring in the breeze, reduce energy costs, keep the bugs out, and expand your living space.

Making the Investment Even Easier for You 

Despite all of these benefits, the longevity of our screens, and more, it can still be a big investment. That’s where our financing options come in! 

We work together with Financeit in order to provide consumer-friendly financing options. You can bring in the breeze now and pay for it later with Financeit’s options!

screen room
Screen in your patio to make your space more usable.

Financing for Premium Screens Through Financeit

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Financing page for more information. 

But, we’ll also remind you of some of the benefits here in this blog post: 

  • Financeit offers up to 100% financing for your premium screen solutions
  • There is not a necessary down payment when you choose to finance through them
  • Financeit provides low monthly payment programs
  • They offer open loans so that you can pay off the entire loan at any time without penalties
  • Financeit’s service is confidential
  • There is 24/7/365 access to customer accounts through the Customer Care Center 
  • Financeit can make simple deductions straight from your account
  • Your payment term can be up to 15 years long

Those are some pretty sweet benefits, hey?!

If you have any questions at all about how financing your screens works, please feel free to reach out to our team by calling 780-910-6688 (in the Edmonton area) or 403-697-6338 (in the Calgary area). 

We can’t wait to help you bring in the breeze!