Finding sun blocking screens in Edmonton is not an easy job. However, these screens are important part of protecting your budget from unnecessary cooling bills. These screens have a variety of applications. They can protect your home from the heat of the sun without plunging the house into darkness, this means you can still see outside. Not only do sun blocking screens keep the temperature down in your home, they can protect your home furnishings from damage over time from the sun.

Image of a house with sun blockers in the windowsSolar screens protect your house windows from the sun’s rays, much like a shade tree but without obstructing the view.

These screens can be customized to beautifully fit the exterior side of each window on your house. The best part about Solar Screens is the money you will save on the air conditioning bill because of the UV rays that will be prevented from entering your home.

Solar screens absorb 80-90% of the sun’s heat and filters it away from your home, keeping the temperature inside cool and comfortable.

Diagram showing how sun blockers workAdvantages and Features:

  • Prevents fading and sun rot
  • Increased privacy during the day
  • Allows fresh air into your home while keeping bugs out
  • Offers a clear view of the outdoors while blocking the glare from the sun
  • Reduces cost of air conditioning during hot summer months
  • Protects furniture, walls, and floors from fading

Image of a man installing a sun blocker.

Solar screens not only protect from heat during summer months, they also insulate the home in cold winter months. They offer improved temperatures on a consistent basis. Buy sun blocking screens for your Edmonton home today.