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Screen Savers Plus Celebrations from the First Half of 2022

And just like that… 2022 is halfway over. What a year it has been so far! Screen Savers Plus has had arguably the best start to the year that we’ve ever had. We have some pretty big things to celebrate and are so proud of where our business has grown to. 

We truly couldn’t have had this amount of growth without you, our valued customers. So, thank you so much for continuing to support us, purchase from us, and recommend us to people in your circle. 

In this blog, we’re going to chat about a few of the big wins that Screen Savers Plus has experienced so far this year. Not to spoil it, but there’s a LOT, so before we babble on for too much longer, let’s get into what we have to celebrate!

Big Wins of the First Half of 2022

1. Got a new Brand Manager: Dallin Taylor 

Dallin Taylor has been with the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies for over five years now and has worked with a variety of the premium home service brands within it. However, this year, Dallin took on a new position as the Brand Manager of Screen Savers Plus in Edmonton. 

Dallin is not only dedicated to Screen Savers Plus Edmonton and the success of the brand as a whole but is also passionate about providing high quality work experience for people in our community. As Brand Manager, Dallin has focused on providing value to customers and team members alike. 

He has also built the knowledge and expertise of his team of screen technicians through a new training program (more on this later). 

Dallin is always looking for ways to improve culture within his team, improve the efficiency of his team’s screen services, and grow Screen Savers Plus here in Edmonton. We’re so glad to have him in the leadership position of our team. Make sure to say hi next time you see him!

Man smiling at the camera with long hair and beard
Dallin Taylor, our new Brand Manager!

2. Introduced Screen School – our new training program

Speaking of Dallin’s dedication to improving processes and efficiency of services, let’s celebrate our new training program! Our new Brand Manager ideated, created, and implemented a brand new training program for our screen technicians this year. 

As we’ve expanded our team of screen installation technicians and screen repair technicians, Screen School has given us the ability to effectively and efficiently train new hires. This prepares our team for being in the field and ensures that each technician provides the highest quality service to each and every customer. 

Screen School has not only been very successful at our location in Edmonton but will also be a great tool as we continue to franchise our business to other locations and business owners. 

technician fixing window screen
Screen School gives new technicians all of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed!

3. Opened our first franchise location – Screen Savers Plus Calgary 

As exciting as all these other wins are, this one definitely takes the cake. On June 1st, 2022, we officially opened our first franchise location of Screen Savers Plus in Calgary, Alberta

Tyler Scott, a previous member of our Screen Savers Plus Edmonton team, took the leap of becoming a business owner. With the support of the leadership team at Screen Savers Plus and at Mosaic Home Services, our parent company, Tyler was able to open a brand new location in our Albertan sister city. 

As an entrepreneurial person with a passion for growing his business and clientele, Tyler has had great success thus far in Calgary. With his keen attention to detail and deep-rooted care for customers, Tyler goes above and beyond to meet and exceed each customers’ screen needs. 

Screen Savers Plus customers in Calgary have loved their custom-built retractable screen doors and the mobile screen repair service that Tyler has provided. Screen Savers Plus Calgary has had over 15 five star reviews on Google in the month and 13 days that it has been open. 

If you’re located in Calgary and interested in getting premium screen service from a trusted company, give Screen Savers Plus a call at 403-697-6338

man with beard and glasses smiling at camera
Tyler Scott, owner of Screen Savers Plus Calgary!

4. Kept our lead times to 1 week or less 

Thus far in the screen season, our amazing Customer Success Team has kept our lead time to a week or less. In case you’re not familiar with the term, lead time means the amount of time between getting an inquiry from you, our valued customers, and getting the appointment for your screen service booked in. 

Although this may seem like more of a back-end win for Screen Savers Plus, keeping our lead times this short is all for you! We don’t want you to call and have to wait weeks and weeks before we get your screen service finished. 

Summer is short here in Alberta. We want our customers in both Edmonton and Calgary to be able to get the screen service that they’re needing before it’s too late. Bugs come quickly and the heat goes quickly. Our short lead times are what have given us the ability to help our customers Bring in the Breeze this year without long waits! 

customer success team taking calls from customers in an office
Our diligent Customer Success Team kept our lead times short and our customers happy!

5. Expanded to 6 Costco locations across Northern Alberta 

Did you know that we also sell our premium retractable screen doors in Costcos throughout Northern Alberta? Well, if you didn’t know, now you know! 

Within the first half of 2022, we were able to expand to six different locations here in Northern Alberta. This has been a big win for Screen Savers Plus because we’ve been able to get our product in front of more potential customers and help more Albertans to Bring in the Breeze! 

We have an awesome team of Costco sales representatives who are there to provide the best screen solutions for Costco customers. Being in Costco has also given us the opportunity to speak to more Albertans about their screen needs and what they’re looking for from the Screen Savers Plus team.

Costco wholesale with customers shopping
Expanding into 6 Costco locations has helped us reach more customers in need of screen solutions!

That brings us to where we are now – halfway through the year and very excited to see what the future holds for Screen Savers Plus! As we add more franchise locations, expand our team, continue reducing our lead time, and expand to more Costco locations throughout Alberta, we can’t wait to watch Screen Savers Plus grow. 

If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity with Screen Savers Plus, please feel free to reach out to the Mosaic leadership team for more information! This seasonal franchise opportunity is very profitable and fulfilling and will give you the opportunity to be your own boss. 

Thank you again for all that you do as our loyal customers! Nothing that we have accomplished would be possible without your support and loyalty to our brand. Thanks for being amazing and being a part of our journey!

We’ll check back in with another reflective celebration blog after we’ve finished off the rest of 2022. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other blog content. 

By the way, all of the companies under the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies will be taking time to celebrate our wins on our blog pages this month. Check them out by clicking the links below if you have some time!