About Us

screen-repairIt all started with a cat back in 2002 when a frustrated father gave his young son an ultimatum. Either the boy’s beloved cat would be sent away or he learned to repair the screens his cat destroyed on a regular basis. The young boy chose to keep his four-legged friend and learned to repair screens. From that experience came a spark of entrepreneurialism that started his screen repair career.

The boy began by repeatedly repairing his parents screen door. Then the neighbors began requesting he come repair their screens. Eventually he had lawn signs and he started offering his services door-to-door. The word spread and his workload increased. His business outgrew the Radio Flyer wagon and graduated to a small trailer pulled by a 4-wheeler. His business grew from one summer to the next, weekend after weekend. Family and friends were hired to help keep up with the high volume of demand.

AIRA HandleSince then, this company has expanded into other products and services, like windows and door screens. These products allow customers control over their environment without leaving a footprint. Screen Savers Plus carries retractable screen doors, security screen doors, and awnings. Each of these products offers increased comfort in homes and offices.

Since this little company has become Screen Savers Plus, they are more responsive. They respond to their customer’s needs fast because they understand that their time is precious and limited.

Despite its humble start, Screen Savers Plus is now located in two countries. They work hard to please customers on a daily basis. Although they have grown to work with large companies, they never forget their first customer and the cat who started it all.