Screen Savers Plus in Edmonton provides the most unique screen solutions for all of Northern Alberta. One of these unique screen products is our VistaView retractable screen door. Do you have a large opening that you would like to install a retractable screen onto? This could be one of the solutions for you.

VistaView is the best retractable screen door system available for large openings up to 14 feet wide on a single door system or, 28 feet wide on a double door system. It offers a beautiful, pleat-free, cable-free system that is great for bi-folds, stacker doors, or any other large opening in your home. Made with advanced technology in heat welding, rather than stitching, for the strongest bond offered, these screens are tough enough to hold up under most accidental bumps.

Unlike traditional retractable screen doors, which have to stay either fully open or closed, the VistaView features an auto-stop handle that allows homeowners to gain full control with the convenience of unlimited stopping points. This allows homeowners the ability to customize their screen experience with the best retractable screen doors out there.

The VistaView utilizes specialized equipment to capture the screen mesh in both the top and bottom tracks. This zipper technology keeps the screen fully secured, which keeps the mesh retained and tight at all times. No more blowouts or frayed mesh!

It’s time to bring in the breeze but keep out the bugs! Contact our team at Screen Savers Plus today to learn more about this incredible screen solution.

Image of a vista view screen systemFeatures

  • Custom built durable frame, built to last
  • UV resistant mesh for longer screen life
  • Zipper screen stays strongly secured to the track
  • Self-locking brake can stop the screen wherever you want
  • As wide as 14’ on a single door system or 28’ wide on a double door system
  • As tall as 11’
  • Keeps the bugs out
  • Available in three different colours; white, black, and anodized
  • The VistaView Retractable Screens come with a 5-year limited warranty, not including the mesh


  • 100 mph wind tested
  • Clear sightlines
  • Insect control
  • Convenient auto-stop

What is the process to get one of these screens installed in your home or business? During our initial conversation, our team of experienced technicians and team members will be able to determine if this is a suitable screen solution for you and your lifestyle. We understand that not every screen is the right option for you.

During our initial conversation, we will ask for some project details, including the height and width of your entryway, the style of your home, what colour you’re looking into for your retractable screen, the type of mesh insert you would prefer, and more. After our team gathers this initial information, we then come to your home or business to get final measurements for your door opening. All of our retractable screen doors are custom built to the exact size of your entryway.

With finalized measurements, colour selections, and mesh options chosen, our technicians will order your VistaView from our manufacturers at Wizard Screen Solutions, and then customize it in our shop. After your custom built screen has been completed, our experienced technicians will come to your home or business, make some final adjustments, and install your brand new VistaView screen.

Did you know, if desired, we can recess the bottom and top tracks of your VistaView into the frame of your entryway? This helps provide a smooth transition and a finished look.


VistaView Retractable Screens come with a 5-year limited warranty, not including the mesh.