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Bring In The Breeze And The Opportunity!

Screen Savers Plus Inc. is a unique turnkey program for high-demand screen products and services

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Our team offers a “business in a box” with the tools, practices, and operations needed to hit the ground running and be successful from day one.

Are you looking for the flexibility to earn a full year’s income in an 8 month season and take the rest of the year off, or to work during the weekends to complement your other business opportunities? Whether you’re looking for a part-time operation or a dedicated full-time work year, this is the franchise system for you! With no experience needed, our team will train your crew to provide the unique screen solutions that residents in your local area are searching for.

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Our Turnkey Franchise System Includes:

  • Low start-up costs
  • Largest protected territories in the industry
  • High revenue potential in the warmer seasons (March to October)
  • High-profit margins
  • Training and ongoing support
  • We generate leads
  • Booked sales appointments for you via our corporate call center
  • Dedicated software
  • If you are customer-oriented, understand quality, appreciate service, crave innovation, and the satisfaction of hard work, we want to speak with you.


    Our team at Screen Savers Plus understands that spending time with friends and family is becoming increasingly prioritized in today’s society. That is why a Screen Savers Plus franchise is the perfect opportunity for the entrepreneur who is looking for a flexible work environment. Our turnkey business in a box has high-profit margins which mean that even in an 8 month main season you have a great opportunity to make your business thrive.

    If you currently own or work in a seasonal business, you understand how the slower months can wear on your crews and your own income potential. By investing in a Screen Savers Plus location either adjacent to or supplementing your current company, you can utilize your current client base, keep your current crews busy and happy during the warmer months, and utilize much of the equipment you already have. Screen Savers Plus offers great seasonal franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in all areas.

    It’s always nice to have a busy flow of work and revenue come in, and with the main season being only 8 out of the 12 months, Screen Savers Plus could be the perfect franchise system to bring in some additional cash. If you’re looking to take your Winters off and travel, this franchise opportunity will allow you to generate a full year’s worth of income in a short amount of time. Create the work-life balance that you desire with this unique system!

    Connect our Franchise Development Manager to learn more!

    Why Choose a Screen Savers Plus Franchise?

    Our team at Screen Savers Plus views all of our franchisees as part of our family, so we go above and beyond to ensure that every location has a great start and continues to be successful throughout their time with us. That is why our head office is always only a phone call, email, or visit away to help educate you on the Screen Saver Plus opportunity, train you and your employees before you ever set out on a job, and provide continuous support as your franchise location grows. Below you’ll find just some of the ways that Screen Savers Plus provides support to our franchisees and their crews.

    • Professional marketing services, including a personalized and localized website as well as search engine optimization and professional print materials
    • Lead generation and sales support
    • Estimation and customer management software
    • Premium and ongoing training
    • High-quality, wholesale screen products
    • Corporate call center services
    • And more!
    Connect with our Franchise Development Manager to learn more!