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Security Screen Doors: A Few Things to Know About How They Work

Most people buy and install a screen door to enjoy the outside air while keeping the bugs out.  But Wizard takes it a step further – a few steps further, really.  Not only do our security screen doors keep out the insects, but it keeps out the bad guys as well.  That’s right – these doors add a serious element of security to your home in addition to the other benefits of a quality screen door.  You’ll enjoy real peace of mind with a Wizard Security Screen door installed.

How can a screen door also serve as a security door?  Well, it all starts with high quality elements and intelligent engineering.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. Security Mesh

On most screen doors, the mesh is the weakest point of the door from a security standpoint.  The average screen door can be easily cut, torn, or pushed through.  Not Wizard security screen doors.  Our mesh is woven with high tensile marine grade stainless steel wire to keep your family safe.  This mesh cannot be cut or ripped even with the sharpest knives or scissors.  And don’t even try to push through this mesh – it’s not going anywhere.  Our mesh has passed or exceeded industry knife shear testing, impact testing, and other security tests so we’re confident no one will get through this door unless you want them to.

2.  Aluminum Frame

We could have easily cut costs on the frame, but for you and your family’s security we chose to use a high quality aluminum (grade 6063-T5), that is unparalleled in the screen door industry.  This grade of aluminum has a tensile strength of up to 20,000 psi, and the process we go through to anchor the mesh to the frame has been especially designed to withstand significant impact.  The combination means any potential intruder won’t have a chance at bending this frame, ripping the mesh from the frame, or pulling the door off its track. 

3.  Handles, Locks, Hardware

Even the strongest door in the world can easily be compromised if its lock, handle, or hardware are not designed with security measures in mind.  Wizard doors use a “multi-point-lock” which employs smooth-action deadbolts in both the top and bottom lock cases.  Plus, only the best security hardware is used to secure the handle and locks in the door, cutting intruders off in their tracks.

But security doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or function.  Our door frames and mesh are available in multiple color options to complement your home.  Also, Wizard security screen doors are available as single entry doors, double doors, and sliding doors.   Finally, our security screen doors can be fabricated to nearly any size for your home or business. 

Why not add the function, style, and security of a Wizard security screen door to your home? You’ll rest at ease knowing your family is safer.

DIY or Custom Installation: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Screen Door

DIY or Custom Installation: Choosing the Best Solution for Your Screen Door

In a lot of ways, do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions are a great way for homeowners to save money. Wholesale materials, free labor, and a can-do attitude can get you far in a lot of areas. Usually, DIY options pop up mimicking a popular or trendy new product. However, there are cases when a do-it-yourself job will not give you the results you are looking for.

There are several advantages to choosing custom or professional products, including:

  • a warranty. DIY products rarely come with a warranty let alone a life time warranty. If what you make breaks or wears out, you’re back to square one, after investing time and money. When you opt for a great product with a good warranty, your original investment lasts.
  • service guarantees. If you install your DIY product and the workmanship is less than stellar, you’ve got to put more time and money into repairs to make it right. However, if there is a problem with your custom, professional product that has a service guarantee, all you need to do is call. Plus, the original installation often comes with a quality assurance.
  • better fit. For example, if you order a retractable screen door online and install it yourself, you’ll have a door that sort of fits or sort of works. It will be more prone to breaking, or you’ll have to “jerry-rig” some components as you install it to make it work. Choosing a custom install does not cost that much more, but your door will be snug, secure, and fitted to your needs.

In the case of retractable screens, there are some other advantages for choosing a professional service. For example, many DIY screen solutions use cheaper components that break easily. Plastic latches and frames can be flimsy, and after a season of hot and cold temperatures and frequent use, you could find yourself dealing with parts that need to be replaced.

Products from companies like Screen Savers Plus are backed a manufacturers warranty. They have quick services and respond to repair calls efficiently. Also, you have the advantage of interchangeable parts—since every part in the business is streamlined and consistent, if one part breaks, you don’t have to worry about scouring the internet for some obscure part with a specific make and model number. You also don’t have to replace your entire door if one part fails, which will save you money in the long run.

You don’t have to worry about your screen door giving out, fitting poorly, or breaking prematurely when you opt for a custom installation. Save your DIY savvy for resurfacing your old dresser, and leave the screen doors to us.

Buying Local: Why “Made in Canada” Makes A Difference

Buying Local: Why “Made in Canada” Makes A Difference

When consumers approach a purchase choice, they have the chance to decide who is going to profit from their support. While many businesses outsource production abroad to cut costs, supporting local businesses that generate the majority of their product and services with materials and labor within Canada has plenty of benefits that should influence your buying choices.

Buying Canadian Means Buying Green

Canada is part of worldwide economy, and sometimes that can mean that the parts of a single product come from countries all over the word. For example, the frame of your new window might be made in Japan, while the locks may be fashioned in Germany. Even though outsourcing the production of parts to cheaper/less regulated parts of the world can save in overhead cost, shipping those products uses valuable fossil fuels as they are flown or driven from country to country.

Furthermore, factories and businesses in Canada must adhere to regulations that govern emissions (Link:, pollution, and quality. Buying products like security screens locally means conserving valuable natural resources, reducing pollution that threatens environmental health, and reducing the amount of products that end up in landfills due to poor quality control or hands-off management.

Buying Canadian Supports Local Business Growth

Possibly the most important effect of choosing products that are made in Canada is that supporting Canadian businesses can increase the strength of the economy—if not nationally, then at least on a smaller, community-centric scale. For instance, if a Canadian business like Screen Savers decides to source all of its products from Canadian industries, that same business then hires people in your town, serves people in your community, and continues to order more goods and services from other local businesses. This business pays taxes, funds schools, gives jobs, and creates the opportunity for other businesses to profit as the community grows in both population and wealth.

Buying Canadian Enforces Fair Labor Practices

Businesses that outsource to other countries are doing so mainly to glean profits from a lower working wage. Employment that normally would be given to local Canadians for a fair wage is given to international workers for a fraction of that cost. While not all companies who rely on foreign labor for manufacturing participate, this practice generally supports hiring men, women, and children in poverty. (link:

When you buy Canadian, you are supporting Canadian labor laws that provide fair working conditions, wages, and protection for children. You are also refusing to support businesses that use unfair labor practices to get ahead.

Products like retractable security screens by Screen Savers that are made in Canada are a better consumer choice because this company offers the “made in Canada” advantage, allowing for excellent service, quality, and local economic growth.

Retractable Screen Doors: What You Should Know Before Purchasing

A retractable screen door is an excellent upgrade to your home.  They protect your home from the bugs while allowing in the fresh air of the outdoors. Wizard retractable screen doors are especially popular among homeowners because they are durable, safe, and attractive.  But to get the most from your retractable screen door, it’s wise to do your homework first.  Not all retractable screen door manufacturers focus on value and quality like Wizard does, so without knowing what to look for, you might wind up with a substandard product or a bad experience. 

Here are a few key things to consider before purchasing a retractable screen door:

  1. Lifetime Warranty

A retractable screen door manufacturer who is confident in their product will offer a lengthy warranty with broad coverage.  You’ll want a decent warranty if you plan on getting the most value out of your door over time.  Wizard offers a lifetime warranty on all parts, excluding the mesh screen.  You won’t find a better warranty on a retractable screen door – it’s the best in the industry.

2.  Interchangeable Components

We all know unexpected things can happen.  Even the most durable retractable screen door can get damaged in the course of everyday living. You’ll want to make sure that your retractable screen door is comprised of interchangeable parts so that repairing the door is an easy task.  With Wizard retractable screens, if a component breaks then you don’t need to buy a whole new screen – just call Screen Savers and they will just change the part out for you.

3.  Professional Installation

While retractable screen doors are extremely easy to use, it’s best to leave the installation up to the pros.  When shopping for your retractable screen door, be sure to check if professional installation is built into the price.  If installation isn’t included, you’re left on your own to either find someone who happens to have experience with retractable screen doors, or learning to do it yourself.  By purchasing a door with installation included, then you’re sure to get a qualified professional who is trained and already familiar with the product.

4.  Positive Peer Reviews

Don’t just take the sales associate’s word – check peer reviews.  Obviously, you’ll want a retractable screen door that has strong reviews by people just like you. They have no stake in the game; they’re not getting paid a commission, they are just simply enjoying (or not enjoying) their retractable screen door.  A door with overwhelming positive reviews means the product works as advertised, is safe, and can be trusted to be an excellent product.  Also, be sure to look for reviews on the installation of the door in addition to the quality of the door itself.

Security Screen Doors Keep Your Mind at Rest

Anyone can describe the benefits of a screen door on a beautiful day – the cool breeze that flows through your home, the welcoming glow of the natural light, the unobstructed view of the outdoors, and the delicate sounds of nature reaching you as you relax on your sofa sipping from a glass of lemonade while the critters and bugs are kept where they belong – outside.  But a Wizard security screen door can do all that and so much more! It also protects you and your family. 

What kind of protection and security does a Wizard security screen door provide? Maybe a better way to ask that question would be what do you want allowed in and what do you want kept out?  A Wizard security screen door will allow in the good while keeping out the bad better than any other screen door on the market.

Wizard security screen doors employ the strongest mesh in the industry – woven with high tensile marine grade stainless steel wire.  Their frames are made from the strongest grade of aluminum.  They include multi-point locks, which can deter even the most determined intruders. In short, Wizard security screen doors keep the bad guys out. 

But there are even more advantages of a Wizard security screen door:

  • Blocks harmful rays – Wizard security screen doors provide your home and your family protection from UV rays.  The sun’s rays can fade your walls, floors, furniture, and art or photographs.  Let the light in, but keep the rays out with a Wizard security screen door.
  • Clear View – Wizard security screen doors are designed to provide an unobstructed view.  No bars or grills in our screens means that the finished product is not only safe but attractive too. 
  • Customized to fit your home – Wizard security screen doors can be tailored fit nearly any size or space you need.  Just let us know – we’ll get you just the right door.
  • 10 Year Warranty – Wizard security screen doors come with an impressive 10 year warranty from the date of installation on your home, protecting your investment.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of a Wizard security screen door is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when a Wizard security screen door is installed on your home.  You can rest at ease, kick your feet up as you sip that lemonade knowing your home and your loved ones are more secure.

Tips for Cutting Energy Costs While Beating the Heat

Tips for Cutting Energy Costs While Beating the Heat

You know that staying cool during warm Canadian summers can get costly if you’re relying on portable air conditioning units or central AC. There are some other ways that you can cool down over the summer months without seeing a spike in your utility bill.

Install a retractable screen door.

Retractable screen doors are a space-saving option that are less costly to install than traditional sliding doors. They are also more versatile because they can be installed to any exterior door, not just a sliding patio door. The north side of a house stays cooler in the summer, so installing a retractable screen door will allow you to capitalize if you have a door facing north.

If possible, consider installing two security screen doors on opposite ends of the house. This allows for a draft to sweep through the home, moving warm air without needing to run a fan.

Because security screens, like those from Screen Savers Plus, are more secure than typical screen doors, you can also feel confident about leaving the door open during the night to take advantage of the cool night air without compromising on safety.

Keep your curtains closed.

 During cool mornings and evenings, you’ll want your windows and doors open to invite cool air into the house, but when the hot afternoon comes, you want to keep the cool air you brought in to stay cool as long as possible. The best way to do this is to make sure that you have curtains or blinds that are effective at blocking the sun from shining in — especially through south or west-facing windows. Close the curtains, windows, and screens during the warmest parts of the day to trap cool air inside.

Take advantage of cool basements.

You might feel like retreating to the basement when it is warm outside, but all your main living spaces are upstairs. Instead, keep a south-facing window open upstairs, and open all the windows in the basement. Set a fan at the base of the stairs and blow some of the cooler air upstairs, where it will draft out of the open window. The basement will naturally cool the air that you pull into the house, and keeping the upstairs window open will help pull the colder air up the stairs, allowing warmer air to continuously escape up and out through the open window.

With help from retractable screen doors, some curtains, and a cold basement, you can cool your house naturally during the warmest days of the year, without ever needing to spend a ton on air-conditioning.

Property Managers and Window Screen Repair – A Few Thoughts to Consider

How are your window screens looking? Do they have holes in them? Let’s face it, screens can take a beating over time, and screen damage can stand out and make a poor impression.  Worse, they can let in tiny pesky winged intruders that can make lunch out of your tenants. MOSQUITOS

As you are aware it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix screens and under the Alberta Health Standards Code it states that:

“During the portion of the year when there is a need for protection against flies and other flying insects, every window or other device intended for ventilation shall be supplied with effective screens.”

If you neglect the screens, any tenant who suffers a health problem or injury as a result could hold you legally responsible in a civil court.

Screen replacement can make a big difference

Broken, ripped and torn screens can make your apartment building look run down, discouraging potential tenants from signing a lease with you. Fixing the screens in your building will help your building to look clean, professional and well-maintained when would-be renters come calling, which means you’ll have the advantage in a competitive renters’ market.

Screen repair should be part of your In & Out Inspection  Report

When conducting your initial walk through with your new tenant, make a point to note the window screens and their condition on report. This helps the tenant to see that you care about the details, but it also helps protect your investment.

If the screens are not in tip-top shape when it’s time to return their damage deposit, then you can charge for the repair work.

Screen replacement can be tricky

While screens look quite simple, all the different shapes, sizes and styles of windows mean that it can actually be quite tricky to get right.

When you do finally have the correct materials, and you have all the windows in the correct order, window screen measurements are also important. If you build your screens a bit too big, they wont fit. And if they’re a bit too small, you’ll have mosquitos sneaking in the side.

Screen repair should be painless

Screen Savers specializes in the replacement and repair of window and door screens.  One thing that makes us unique is that we are completely mobile which means that you don’t need to measure or install, we do it all!  Your tenants will love that we can do all the necessary repairs in one day so they don’t have to be without screens for any extended length of time.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Re-screening ripped or torn screens.
  • Re-building screens that are missing, badly bent, or warped.
  • Storm door repair and
  • Custom built sliding patio screens.

All of our materials are of the highest quality. They include:

  • Extruded (not rolled) screen framing for maximum strength and durability
  • Standard fiberglass mesh or optional pet-proof mesh..
  • Expanding black foam spline to ensure mesh stays attached to the frame.

Please note that we are fully insured, licensed and WCB compliant. It’s best to have a full-service screen repair. This way, you don’t need to measure and risk getting the wrong sized screen sent to you. You don’t even need to deliver the screen to a location. We will show up and look after everything in one visit – a perfect fit every time.

Top Five Benefits of Sun Blocker Screens

When opening your window shades, does it come at a cost?  Do you want to see out without worrying about strangers seeing in?  Do you want to let in the natural light without the concerns of harmful rays and glare?  Our Sun Blocker Screens are just the thing you need. 

What are Sun Blocker Screens and how can they help you?  Most residential windows have screens, which enable windows to be open without letting in the outside elements or bugs.  Sun Blocker Screens are window screens that also provide the added advantage of blocking the sun’s harmful rays.  But what are other benefits of these screens?  Let’s take a look at the list of the top five benefits of Sun Blocker Screens below:

  1. Decreases air conditioning costs

Sun Blocker Screens allow the natural light into your home while blocking many of the rays that will heat up your home through the greenhouse effect.  This results in a reduced need for air conditioning, which means your home stays cooler while saving you money.  But that doesn’t mean your home will be colder in the winter.  During the colder months, Sun Blocker Screens will keep your home warm by insulating your windows from cold winter drafts.   Our screens can result in a reduced monthly heating bill by up to 15%!

2.  Protects your home and family from UV rays

Exposing your furniture, decorations, and floors to prolonged sunlight can cause subtle to significant fading over time.  This can discourage many homeowners from ever drawing their curtains or opening their window shades.  Sun Blocker Screens will allow the light from outside into your home, while blocking the UV rays from harming your walls, floors, or furniture.  Sun Blocker Screens also provide protection to your family from these rays, allowing your loved ones to enjoy the natural light of the sun without the risk.

3.  Cuts down on unwanted glare

Allowing sunlight into your home can bring unwanted glare making some indoor activities such as watching TV, using the computer, or even reading a book unbearable or even impossible. With Sun Blocker Screens, you’ll enjoy the sunlight without the annoying glare. 

4. Adds privacy to your windows

Opening your windows means you get to enjoy the view of the outdoors from within your home.  But it also means anyone outside can look into your home.  With Sun Blocker Screens, you’ll enjoy increased privacy as our screens make it difficult for people to see in

Window Screen Repair

Here at Screen Savers Plus we don’t just offer quality products; we provide quality services as well.  One of our more popular services is window screen repair. 

If you’re a homeowner it’s not a question of if  – but when – your window screens will need some attention.  Obviously, it’s important to replace your window screens when they are ripped or torn.  Not just because a torn screen makes your home look shabby, but because once bent or torn, a window screen fails to do its job of protecting your home from bugs and other pests. 

But even if your screens are still in good structural shape, you might be surprised just how much dust and pollen can enter your home with a low quality screen.  Most homes are built with builders’ quality screens, which saves your contractor some money, but can compromise the air quality in your home. 

That’s why we specialize in not only repairing and replacing screens, but also improving them with higher quality material.

Here are just a few of the services we offer to keep your screens in tip-top shape:

  • Re-Screening ripped or torn screens
  • Re-Building screens that are missing, badly bent or warped
  • Storm Door repair
  • Custom built sliding patio screens

It’s important to note that we only use the highest quality products and materials in our work.  In fact, we can even use a patented polymer screen with special “triboelectric” properties that completely filters out pollen and dust particles, preventing them from entering your home.  When we repair or replace your screens, you can rest assured that you not only have the best screen possible on your home, but that you’ve made an excellent and affordable choice.  So call us today to start improving your home and your quality of life!

Retractable Screen Doors – Roll Them Up When You Don’t Need Them

When looking for a screen door for your home, you have many options to choose from.  One of the more popular choices is a retractable screen door.  A retractable screen door is a great choice because it’s there when you want it, and out of sight when you don’t.

How does it work?  Well, once installed, the door can unroll on its track to cover the width of your doorway giving you all the benefits of a quality screen door.  Opening the door is as simple as rolling it back into its protective housing essentially hiding the door from view.

Why choose a retractable screen door?  What are its benefits?  Here are a few reasons why a retractable screen door might just be the best choice for you and your home:

  • During the winter months, while you are not using your screen, you can retract the door out of view for the entire season.  It’s as if you removed the door altogether, but without the hassle of taking it off and reinstalling it later during the spring and summer months. 
  • Once retracted, the door’s mesh is protected from accidental damage while in it’s aluminum housing.  As a result, the life of your retractable screen door will be longer than regular screen doors.
  • As with typical screen doors you’ll enjoy the benefit of a low cost solution to cooling your home with fresh air from the outdoors.  However, retractable screen doors have more square footage of mesh than typical screen doors providing you maximum air flow and cost savings.
  • Keeps the bugs outside where they belong!

Other benefits include:

  • Very easy to operate
  • Exceptional value for your money
  • Fits virtually any opening, including single or double entry doors, in-swing or out-swing patio doors and sliding doors, French doors or garage doors
  • Superior design and precision manufacturing standards
  • Durability far exceeds conventional screens
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding screen mesh)

So why wait?  Call us today to learn about the quality retractable screen doors we have in stock and how we can custom fit them to your home.